This is what it will be like at Crescent Cove

“This is what it will be like at Crescent Cove”


Walking in the door to the sounds of giggles, chatting and the smell of burgers on the grill was a sure sign of a good time for the families we sent to Faith’s
Lodge, some for their first time away with their child and family. While Faith’s Lodge, a retreat space in Danbury, WI is typically a place where bereaved families travel for a retreat to remember their child, they also welcome families able to make a short trip with their child who is seriously ill. As we wait for Crescent Cove to build a home where families can be together for respite or lovingly cared for at the end of their child’s life, it is a wonderful option now. Four families who all have a child or children with a shortened life expectancy, spent last weekend together at Faith’s Lodge, and another four families will make the trip in August and another group in September – costs covered by donations to Crescent Cove.

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Freedom and Independence

As we celebrate this 4th of July weekend we are reminded of our Freedom and Independence.  For most people, these rights are not necessarily something we notice and express gratitude for on a daily basis. For a family caring for a child with a life-threatening condition, however, freedom and independence are such a rarity that when given to them, it is cherished.  Our goal at Crescent Cove is to help our families experience these rights more often. Continue reading Freedom and Independence

My Motherhood Journey, by Jeannie Goodspeed

Every mother has her own journey. Sometimes that journey can take us to places we never could have imagined. For me, my motherhood journey began when I was young and dreamed of being a mother. I imagined all the lovely normal stuff of parenthood – rocking my baby to sleep, reading bedtime stories, teaching my child to ride a bike, birthday parties, and preschool celebrations. With the birth of my first baby, the mother inside me was also born and I began to step forward into everything I had envisioned. Life was wonderful and simple for a couple years and I was blissfully unaware that it would ever be any other way. Little did I know that with the arrival of our second daughter Ivy in October of 2008, my motherhood plan would be shaken to the core and veer onto a new path. Continue reading My Motherhood Journey, by Jeannie Goodspeed