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Please complete the below form to let us know your interest in volunteering with Crescent Cove. Katy Glitsos, Volunteer Coordinator, will be in touch within 72 hours of submitting the form. 

Family Services Volunteer

Provide services either in a family’s personal home, or at the Crescent Cove Respite & Hospice Home for Kids in Brooklyn Center. It is a hands-on experience with our Crescent Cove families. In-home volunteers can: provide meals, sibling care, basic household chores, and help with any request the family has to ease their day-to-day life. Volunteers at Respite & Hospice Home for Kids provide support for families through sibling care, household chores, and other various Crescent Cove staff requests. Volunteers may choose to do both places. 

All Family Services Volunteers are required to pass a Net Study 2.0 background check. The volunteer will provide Crescent Cove with required personal information in order for the application to be processed. In addition, each volunteer will need to have his/her fingerprints scanned at a designated location within two weeks of completing the background check. The processing fee is $9.10, and is paid by the volunteer at the time of fingerprint scanning. In addition, all volunteers must attend an hour and a half in-person orientation, and complete one mentored shift before becoming an official Crescent Cove volunteer!  

Friend Volunteer

On an on-call basis for events and other support activities. There is no training needed to be a Friend Volunteer. 

Group Volunteers

One-time or corporate/group volunteers do not require an application, paperwork, or orientation. Activities include meal preparation, groundskeeping, cleaning projects, and other needs as they arise.

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