Heading For Home Update

Heading for Home Update

Opening the doors in Fall 2017

TwinLakesFacilityFront With love and gratitude to all who made the purchase of this beautiful home possible! We present to you Crescent Cove, a place of respite for kids and families! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Our closing went smoothly and we are honored to move into the next era of working to open the home in the fall! This beautiful 6,700 square foot home will serve the needs of families who arrive for respite or to care for their child at the end-of-life. It is surrounded by pristine beauty on Twin Lakes just outside of Minneapolis and includes the many spaces necessary to care for children and families. Take a look at the video to imagine how families will soon be served by Crescent Cove! Watch the video here!

There is much more work ahead. Please help us reach our goal to renovate and operate this long-awaited children’s hospice and respite home. We hope to open in the fall of 2017, but need your help to make that possible! Click here to donate: Your support makes all the difference!

Mary Moon Foundation’s Hairball Concert Supporting Crescent Cove

Mary Moon Foundation’s Hairball Concert Supporting Crescent Cove

The Mary Moon Foundation expanded its fundraising efforts this year with a new summer benefit concert.  After five successful family-centric events at the Water Park of America, the Mary Moon Foundation held a 21 and over event with the 80’s hairband Hairball!   The event drew a new audience for the foundation; IMG_8529which expanded the number of people the foundation reaches.   Through this event more people learned about the foundation’s mission and goals and were able to contribute by volunteering or with a financial donation.

The Hairball concert was a blast!  It was held outdoors at Bogarts in Apple Valley, MN.  Thousands of people attended this first Mary Moon benefit concert.  Johnny Rock Lassman (from KQRS) and Christine O’Keefe (Mary Moon co-founder) introduced Hairball for a “Bombastic Celebration of Arena Rock”. 20160716_205338 Six songs into their set, Hairball paused to share the mission of the Mary Moon Foundation and invited Christine on stage to help with “a moment of noise” to celebrate Mary’s life – it was fantastic!

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Love life! Join us at Mugs for Maryah on June 18 – in memory of Maryah Tift

The relationships that make lasting impacts our lives often begin as chance encounters with special individuals. For many people, meeting Maryah Tift was just that – a lucky run in with a person who gave every life she touched just a Maryah_promlittle more meaning. A little more direction. A little more light. I often laugh to myself when asked who my mentors are in life and I have to say, out loud, that my greatest mentor is a 16 year old girl who taught me one of life’s most important lessons.

As I mentioned before, important relationships often begin by chance – mine and Maryah’s was no different. Maryah was a student at the school my mom worked at, IHM-Saint Luke’s. She talked to me about Maryah – an inspiring young girl who had been fighting valiantly against cancer since she was in fourth grade.  One day, I called my mom at work and she happened to be sitting with Maryah. My mom answered the phone whooping and celebrating, “She got in!” I had happened to call at the exact moment Maryah found out she would be attending Cretin-Derham Hall the next year.  At the time, I was in a freshman/sophomore mentoring program at CDH so I had my mom give her my cell phone number.  Just like that, I met one of the most important people in my life, through a happenstance, after school phone call to my mom.
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My Isaac


My Isaac

I find it hard to breathe when I imagine my world without my beautiful little boy. For almost 7 years, we have cared for him, helped him to grow, and have loved him fiercely. We fought to share the same experiences that all parents wish to share with their children…we packed up our emergency bags, oxygen tubing, suction machine and wheelchair and set out to the zoo, the family events, and the park…trying to hide what was behind our smiles. Mixed with the joy and intense love we drenched our son in, were the feelings of utter exhaustion, the twinges of fear,and the depth of grief that we have carried through our son’s whole life. Continue reading My Isaac