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Thank you to our organizational partners for helping us open our doors for families!

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3rd Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium: September 28-29

3rd Annual Pediatric Palliative Care Symposium

Save the Date! Make plans to attend the 2017 annual Symposium on Thursday, September 28 and Friday, September 29!

Woven Together: Care-Giving and Care-Receiving
The Crossroads of Caring for Another and Caring for Self

Living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition requires a wide circle of carers. It is not enough to empower and support a child with such a condition, siblings, parents, and even the family. Optimizing care and hope also requires attention to volunteer and professionals that are part of the circles of care. If any “care-giver” is compromised in their well-being or ability to provide their best, the care of a person living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition can be adversely affected.

In this symposium, perspectives and tools that support, promote, and extend resiliency and hardiness for all care-givers will be presented, demonstrated, discussed and expanded. Further, the intersections of care-providers will be highlighted. Collaboration is never easy. Individual, family, and team-care will be addressed separately but as inextricably intertwined. If done well, all can benefit.

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Crescent Cove is hiring!

Join the Crescent Cove team! We are currently seeking a Director of Nursing.

Director of Nursing

The Director of Nursing will facilitate and administer care to Crescent Cove children and families on a comprehensive basis that includes medical, psychosocial and spiritual needs. The Director of Nursing will manage patient intake, admissions, transfers, discharges, medical equipment and be responsible for Medical Records, Compliance and Quality Improvement. The Director of Nursing will assist in establishing the necessary clinical policies and procedures and ensure proper training of all clinical staff who work with Crescent Cove families and community partners to ensure that families are accessing services that aid in relief of pain, stress and anxiety in fulfillment of the mission.

For the full job description and to apply, download the job description here.

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Article in MCDES Newsletter: August 2017

A special thanks to Dannell Shu and Ted Bowman for penning an article about the opening of the Crescent Cove home in the latest Minnesota Coalition for Death Education and Support newsletter.

Read the full article here.

See the full newsletter here.

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Our Partners: Bergan KDV

A Crescent Cove thank you to Bergan KDV and Nicole Possehl, CPA for helping us process our annual 990.  We are grateful to our community partners who help us on a daily basis!