A Parent, an Employee...and a Fundraiser


When Crescent Cove was selected to be the benefiting charity of Mustaches for Kids Twin Cities this year, we sent out a call for people to participate in growing mustaches to raise money for Crescent Cove. One of the people who answered that call was Mark M, a nursing assistant at Crescent Cove.

“Working at Crescent Cove is not just a job for me, it’s a personal mission,” says Mark. Mark joined our team nearly five years ago and was inspired by his son, Isaac. 

Isaac was born in 2008 with complex medical needs. His family was supported by Crescent Cove before our Home opened, when Crescent Cove was sending integrative therapists into the homes of families like his to provide massage, energy work, cook meals, and even do the never-ending chore of keeping up with laundry.  

“Isaac was an incredible gift to our family, and also needed a lot of care,” Mark says. “We could not have done it alone.”

Sadly, Isaac passed away at age 7, and the support Mark and his family received from Crescent Cove did not stop. “Crescent Cove brought such peace and comfort as we faced the loss of our son,” Mark remembers. “We have felt supported in so many ways as we somehow try to live life amid grief.”

Today, Mark is a part of the caring team of people who provide care and support to children with shortened life expectancies. His gentleness, patience, and authentic love for each child is evident in every interaction, whether he’s feeding a child a meal, engaging with them through playtime, or sharing snuggles.

“As a parent and staff member, I can attest to the meticulous care and genuine love I see for each child who comes through the doors,” Mark says. “It’s a fantastic place, and it’s possible because of the generosity of those who wish to be a part of this remarkable mission.” 

This year’s Mustaches for Kids campaign is celebrating its final event this Thursday, May 2, at the Stache Bash. Donors can contribute to Mark’s fundraising page or to the general campaign now through the end of May to be counted toward this year’s fundraising total.