Building a Hospice for Children and Their Parents


Reflections on a Visit to Ryan’s House in Phoenix, AZ

After hearing about building a hospice for children in Minnesota I decided to visit Ryan’s House while in Phoenix. To say I was moved when I walked in the door would be an understatement. I never imagined a facility existed like this for children. As I was walking through the halls and seeing how warm and inviting it was brought tears to my eyes. I kept saying to my wife and our host can you imagine a place like this in Minnesota. We spoke with families and saw how comforted they are under some very stressful circumstances. The rooms are designed in such a way that not only the kids feel comfortable but everything is sized for them. The rooms are decorated to be cheerful and fun. The families have areas for them as well that was very much like being in a home atmosphere.

Words that come to me in seeing Ryan House would be, no stress, safe, comforting, warm,  like being at home, and having helpful friends (staff) around to make sure wonderful care was given not only to children but for the families!

Our children and grandchildren are older now but knowing that children have a special place like Ryan’s House for care along with their families deserves to be a priority for Minnesota and the rest of the country. I am happy to spread the word about Crescent Cove.

Jim Rhodes is an Endowments and Pension Director at Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group, LLC (“MPMG”), which provides discretionary investment advisory services to individuals and entities, including Crescent Cove.  The statements provided by Mr. Rhodes are his own and are not those of MPMG nor its principals.

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