Making Moments Merry and Bright

Olivia Rose blessing bags

Young Olivia Rose put together and gave away her blessings bags to families during our holiday drive-thru.

Tucker with BCFD at holiday drive thru

Crescent Cove kid Tucker enjoyed the holiday drive-thru from his wheelchair!

Women of Today

Women of Today provided hot chocolate to families.

Earlier this month, Crescent Cove hosted 39 families for our 3rd annual Holiday Drive Thru.

This idea came out of the pandemic when we could no longer host large gatherings in our Home, yet we still wanted to bring holiday cheer to children and their families. We invited Crescent Cove families to drive through our driveway and stop at various sponsored tables to collect goodies, drink hot chocolate, and visit with Santa and Buddy the Elf! The sound of Christmas carols sung by a choir filled the air.

We loved seeing all the cars come through packed full of kids, their faces lit by the glow of holiday lights. The smiles from ear to ear as they approached each table and saw what awaited them were precious. One little boy was practically climbing out of the car window to see Santa — luckily he did not have to, as Santa came to him! A child who was staying at our Home that evening experienced the Holiday Drive Thru personally from his wheelchair, which was filled with goodies by the end of his rounds!

We want to thank all of the community members, supporters, and volunteers who worked hard to create this magical night for our families. Truly, we could not host events like this without their generosity and dedication. Thank you to the following organizations and groups for helping us make moments merry and bright!

  • Boston Scientific
  • Brooklyn Center Fire and Police Depts.
  • Brooklyn Center Lady Lions
  • Brooklyn Park Lady Lions
  • Calvary Church of Golden Valley
  • Crescent Cove Friends and Volunteers
  • CSP Student Nurses Association
  • Mary Moon Foundation
  • Minneapolis Ambassador Lions Club
  • The Munson/Jaeb family
  • Olivia Rose
  • Picnics with a Pup
  • Wells Fargo Choir
  • Women of Today