• Tish and son, Jack, our volunteer flag raiser at the Twins game.
Nita Killebrew and Crescent Cove volunteer John

    Harmon Killebrew: A Champion Still

    Even before Crescent Cove opened its doors, the Minnesota Twins have supported our Home, in large part due to the legacy of Harmon Killebrew and the efforts of his wife, Nita. “Life is precious and time is a key element. Let’s make every moment count and help those who have a greater need than our own,” Harmon once famously said. Though Harmon has been gone for 12 years, his generous spirit lives on and connections continue to be made, all in his honor. Nita Killebrew was at the Crescen...More
  • A Message of Transition from Katie L

    To our amazing Crescent Cove community,  My heart is filled with gratitude, joy, and some tears that go hand-in-hand as I share with you that I’ve decided to change my role at Crescent Cove. We will be hiring a new executive director in the coming months. I am not leaving Crescent Cove but will transition to a part-time role focusing my passion on advocating for families, connecting with supporters, and building awareness of the need for a national pediatric respite and hospice care model, i...More
  • Running for a Mission

    Chelsea is a self-described “beginner” runner, having only taken up the sport in the past year. But, she has already set a pretty big goal for herself — complete the 10-mile distance in the Twin Cities Marathon.  “When I learned that I could run the 10-mile and raise money for Crescent Cove, I had to sign up,” says Chelsea. “They have given our family so much, I am honored to support them and raise money for such a deserving cause.”  Crescent Cove is a participating charity in ...More
  • Back-to-School Fun for All

    Despite a triple-digit heat index, Crescent Cove families turned out for our 3rd annual Back-to-School event on August 23rd.    Families could cool off with a hose-down from a firetruck, or explore an air-conditioned police cruiser, thanks to the Brooklyn Center Police and Fire Dept. Guests mugged for the camera for silly film-strip photos or posed politely for family portraits by the lake.   One of our long-time families provided special event prizes for Crescent Cove kids, in memory of...More
  • Katie Lindenfelser and Rep Liz Reyers testifying in front of one of the committees who considered this bill.

    End-of-Life Legislation Passes in Minnesota

    Among all of the bills that were voted into law this past Legislative session in Minnesota was a small but impactful piece that helps families of children with shortened life expectancies. With its passing, Minnesota became the first state that allows facilities to receive funds from the state when a child stays for end-of-life care at a residential hospice home. The bill passed with bipartisan support, was signed into law by Gov. Tim Walz and goes into effect July 1, 2023. Funding provided by ...More
  • Sibling Camp Grows...and Connects

    Post by Katy Glitsos, House Manager and Volunteer Coordinator Brave. Strong. Resilient. These are the words used when asked to describe the kids we serve at Crescent Cove. But what about their siblings? What defines the kids who are alongside their brothers and sisters day in and day out? You guessed it! Brave, strong, and resilient. This couldn’t have been more apparent than what we saw at our Second Annual Sibling Camp!  In mid-June we opened our Home to the siblings of our Crescent Cov...More
  • 5 Years of Supporting Families like Lizzie's

    Five years ago this month, Crescent Cove became the third children’s respite and hospice home in the United States to open its doors and welcome families of children with shortened life expectancies. This was the culmination of years of organizing, advocating, fundraising, and building a community of supporters who helped make our Home a reality.  One of the first families we served was that of Lizzie Gold. Lizzie was the second of four children born to Emily and Dave. Within days of arrivin...More
  • Spotlight On...Volunteer Charlie S!

    “I’ve been creating messes that other people have cleaned up for so long I thought it was time for me to start cleaning for others,” jokes Charlie S., a volunteer at Crescent Cove. Charlie is a Busy Bee volunteer and is also taking on an endurance event to raise money for Crescent Cove. Charlie recently retired after working 29 years as a courier for FedEx Express and was looking for a volunteer opportunity to give back to the community. He first heard about Crescent Cove from his daughte...More
  • Making Last Moments Count photo

    Making Last Moments Count

    While usually we highlight the joy and delight of respite care, Crescent Cove also provides a sacred space for end-of-life care for families. Earlier this month we had the honor and privilege of supporting a young man, Dylan, who spent his final days surrounded by family, friends, and his childhood pets. Dylan endured health challenges starting at age 3 with the removal of a malformed kidney. He went on to have a typical childhood, spending endless hours on his skateboard, climbing trees with h...More
  • 70% of genetic rare diseases start in childhood.

    Rare Disease Day

    Every weekday, the entire staff at Crescent Cove gathers around and shares information about the day and the children being cared for in the Home. One nurse may explain that a child has seizures when startled and to not start a blender or loud appliance without first letting them know. Someone else may share that they are caring for a child who loves to socialize and if anyone has some time to play a game of Uno, that would be a welcome activity. One thing you’ll never hear during this brief ...More