A Time to Remember



“Grief is a burden that becomes lighter when it is shared.”

These were the words of Ted Bowman, grief educator and counselor, to the families who gathered at Crescent Cove for the 2022 Remembrance Day this past weekend.

Part of Crescent Cove’s mission is to not only care for children while living, but also to support families after their children have passed. Whether a child died in the past year or 20 years ago, they are remembered and loved by the families they leave behind.

The trail around Crescent Cove was lined with balloons and chalk art of the children who had passed, taking care that each child’s favorite color or pastime was included. Siblings enjoyed making giant bubbles that floated over the Home or going for a pontoon ride on Twin Lake, provided by our generous neighbors. Families could make a candle or plant a plant in memory of their loved one, provided by Flame + Flora. And the weather was warm enough that the Blue Moo Ice Cream Truck saw plenty of activity!

Staff was happy to re-connect with many of the kids who had attended our first sibling camp this past summer, checking in to see how the school year was starting for them. And the playground saw lots of activity from children of all ages.

That afternoon, the most special moments were those between people who know and understand each other’s path. A heartfelt hug, a knowing smile, a gentle squeeze of a hand. These are the moments that count.