Gifts through Bequests, Securities and Assets

Support pediatric palliative care in Minnesota and the Midwest today. You can make a difference in a child’s life now and for future generations.

Through a legacy gift to Crescent Cove, you can make a tremendous impact on a child's life and the families who love them.

We would be happy to work with you and your professional advisor to ensure the legacy you choose best suits your needs and wishes. For more information, contact Jenny Floria at or 952.426.4711 ext 4.


A gift of any size may be made through a bequest or estate plan, and will ensure that Crescent Cove receives valuable support in the future. A gift through a bequest or will is not subject to estate tax. Please use our Federal Tax ID number of 27-1035515.

Sample bequest language for an unrestricted gift:

I give to Crescent Cove, a nonprofit located in the state of Minnesota, [the sum of ________ dollars ($________) or description of property] for its general tax-exempt purposes without other restriction as to use, or for restrictions designated.

Sample bequest language for a restricted gift:

I give to Crescent Cove, a nonprofit located in the state of Minnesota, [all or _____ percentage (____%)] of the rest, residue and remainder of [my or the trust] estate, for  [ to be added to the Harmon Killebrew Hospice Home for Kids Endowment Fund].

Retirement Assets

Retirement assets are an excellent choice as a charitable estate gift, as they can pass free of income or estate tax, allowing the full value to be used by Crescent Cove.

  • IRA Charitable Rollover: A tax-smart option is a qualified charitable distribution from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Learn more about this option here.
  • A Charitable Gift Annuity is a gift option that provides you with a fixed income for the rest of your life at rates ranging from about 4% to 9%, depending on your age. 

Stocks and Securities

A gift of stock or securities may be made at any time. Please download this form to send with a stock gift. If you make a stock gift to Crescent Cove, please inform Josh Winfield at or 952.426.4711 ext 4.

Life Insurance

As a donor, you may designate Crescent Cove as a beneficiary to receive some or all the proceeds of a life insurance policy.