Legen"DAIRY" Support from BLUE MOO


Katie Lindenfelser (second from left) and Jenny Floria (second from right) receive a donation from Delora (far right) and Howard (far left) for the 4th season of the BLUE MOO Ice Cream truck.

Sometimes a partnership comes along that is too sweet to pass up.

Such a thing happened when Duane Helms-Boyd, then a teenager, learned about the families who come to Crescent Cove and wanted to raise money to support Crescent Cove. He talked it over with his parents, Del and Howard, and they agreed to invest in an ice cream truck for him. Those first summers BLUE MOO would drive around delivering ice cream to kids in Minneapolis, and at the end of the summer deliver a check to Crescent Cove.

Duane has since grown up and moved away from home, not to mention that at 6’8” he literally cannot fit into the ice cream truck anymore! His younger sister, Delora, continues to run the ice cream truck and carries on the tradition of giving back to Crescent Cove.

Crescent Cove families may recognize the familiar logo as Delora and her truck have been at our back-to-school events, sibling camp and remembrance events at our Home, providing ice cream novelties to families at no cost to them.

This month the BLUE MOO Ice Cream truck marked the end of their season with another generous check to Crescent Cove and a gift of free ice cream to families at our Remembrance Day event. This was their fourth year of supporting Crescent Cove through this partnership!

We are grateful to Delora for her continued partnership with Crescent Cove, and are especially grateful that back when Duane was a teen, his parents took a chance and supported him in his idea to give back to families.