Project Down & Dirty Construction 2021 Recap

Hosted November 3-5, 2021 at Extreme Sandbox

On November 3-5, 2021, Team Jason & Alexis on MyTalk 107.1FM raised over $105,000 for Crescent Cove!  

We are so thankful to Team Jason & Alexis who shared our mission on-air and interviewed some of our Crescent Cove families.  See the links below to hear the radio interviews.

A special thank you to ALL the donors who made this year's fundraiser an amazing success for our kids and families!

Learn more about the competition 

Listen to mom Katheryn speak to Jason & Alexis (show date 10/27/2021): Starts around 25 mins

Listen to mom Shannon speak to Jason & Alexis (show date 11/1/2021): Starts around 25 mins

Watch the segment on the Jason Show (show date 11/4/2021)

Listen to mom Madelisse speak to Jason & Alexis (show date 11/5/2021)

Listen to Katie join the team live at Extreme Sandbox (show date 11/5/2021)