Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota changed its name to Crescent Cove, a place of respite for kids and families, August 15, 2014.

We were informed that a Texas-based child care center that owns a U.S. registration for the trademark “Children’s Lighthouse” for use in connection with day care services, will be expanding into the Minnesota market. In light of this fact and in order to avoid possible future confusion between that organization and our distinct mission, it was in our best interest to change our name.

We engaged our board and council members, as well as a trademark attorney and professional branding agency to select our new name. We learned from our families that the name should reflect a home which is a place to feel normal and comfortable, a place to celebrate life and feel safe. Their input has been key throughout this process.

Why Crescent Cove?

After reviewing hundreds of names and their ability to be unique to our mission and community, Crescent Cove chose us! The crescent moon represents night and rest, the crescent moon is in transition; a metaphor of life. The moon itself is always present in one form or another; it revolves around us as our team will always be there for families. The crescent shape represents an embrace. A cove represents somewhere to find shelter or respite during difficult times.

While our name changed our mission did not, nor has the commitment of our board, advisory councils, volunteers and supporters who will make this home a reality.

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