Back-to-School Fun for All




Despite a triple-digit heat index, Crescent Cove families turned out for our 3rd annual Back-to-School event on August 23rd.   

Families could cool off with a hose-down from a firetruck, or explore an air-conditioned police cruiser, thanks to the Brooklyn Center Police and Fire Dept. Guests mugged for the camera for silly film-strip photos or posed politely for family portraits by the lake.  

One of our long-time families provided special event prizes for Crescent Cove kids, in memory of their daughter. Lauren had been coming to our Home for respite care since we opened in 2018. She passed away in June of this year at age 15. Each year, her family set aside “adventure money” for Lauren to spend on any activities or adventures she wished to do. Since she didn’t get a chance to use her adventure money this year, her family chose to donate giveaways at the back-to-school event, in addition to sponsoring the Blue Moo ice cream truck. It was truly meaningful to those who knew and cared for Lauren throughout the years at Crescent Cove to have her presence felt through this generous gesture.

Everyone was treated to a delicious meal by Papa K’s Rescue BBQ, a food truck owned and operated by the parents of Crescent Cove kid Grace. The pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, mac & cheese, and refreshing lemonade drinks were a big hit for families and staff alike! We were happy to support a Crescent Cove family’s new business venture by having them at this event. 

As shadows from the nearby trees finally cooled the driveway, families headed to their cars with arms full of goodies and faces smudged with ice cream. Words of gratitude were shared by many.  “This event means so much to our family,” said Lindsay V., mom to Crescent Cove kid Jude. “We go to so many events throughout the year for Jude’s sisters, this is the one event we go to that revolves around Jude. We weren’t going to miss it for the world.” 

Her comment reminded us why we organize these events and host them…no matter the weather.