Extreme Sandbox Border Battle Results

Vikings fan won!

Thanks to Extreme Sandbox for another exciting Vikings/Packers Extreme Border Battle Car Crush. Today, Donn Zimanske crushed the Packers minivan! Donn, and wife Theresa, lost their son Michael at 13.5 years old from a rare disease called Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia (SIOD). Check out their story tonight on KARE 11, scheduled to air at 5pm. The Zimanske’s have been a wonderful part of the Crescent Cove family, working passionately to help other families like them who have children with life-limiting diseases. Their family honors Michael’s legacy through their “Be the Change” campaign, which has Theresa speaking throughout Minnesota, educating others and encouraging them about how they too can be the change. They were excited about being involved as Michael son loved big construction equipment and often said “when I grow up I’m going to drive caterpillars.”