A Unique Home for Learning


One of the pillars of Crescent Cove is to be a place for future healthcare providers to learn. Starting this month, we have a unique opportunity to host Allyson Bourque, a doctorate student in occupational therapy at the University of North Dakota. She chose Crescent Cove for her capstone project for her doctorate degree. 

Allyson discovered Crescent Cove while researching facilities in Minnesota which provide care to children with complex needs. "I was a respite care provider for four years, and that population of children had become a passion of mine," explains Allyson. 

From now through April, Allyson will be assessing how the children at Crescent Cove interact with volunteers and staff during their respite stays. She'll use this information to develop a resource to help us better understand the unique needs of the children who come to Crescent Cove and guide our interactions with children. 

"My hope is that this project will create a resource that will help Crescent Cove volunteers and staff provide the most enjoyable and interactive experiences for children during their respite stays at Crescent Cove," Allyson says on her capstone project. "After this, I hope to pursue a career in occupational therapy with a focus in the pediatric population, specifically those with complex and strong rehabilitation needs."

In her free time you'll find Allyson enjoying time outdoors, hiking and exploring new areas of Minnesota with family and friends. When the weather does not cooperate with outdoor activities, she can be found inside reading a book with a warm cup of coffee.

Crescent Cove families may see Allyson around the Home, please help us welcome her to Crescent Cove!