Interested in Volunteering with Crescent Cove?

Please complete the Volunteer Interest Form below to let us know your interest in volunteering with Crescent Cove. Katy Glitsos, Volunteer Coordinator, will be in touch within 72 hours of submitting the form. 

Busy Bee Volunteer

Busy Bee Volunteers play an integral role in managing the daily needs of our Home. Busy Bee Volunteers work closely with the House Manager to ensure our Home retains a clean and safe environment for our kids and families to reside in.

Dragonfly Volunteer

Dragonfly Volunteers serve an interactive and supportive role in the daily care plan for our kids at Crescent Cove. They work closely with our Child Life Specialist to provide a safe and engaging experience for our kids through reading, playing, arts and crafts, and more! Dragonfly Volunteers occasionally help manage our toys, playroom, and project preparations.

Event Volunteer

Event Volunteers are on an on-call basis. An email requesting volunteers is sent when there is volunteer support needed at special events, fundraisers, or when other needs arise. 

Group Volunteer

Crescent Cove’s facility benefits from groups who volunteer their time maintaining the grounds and helping with everyday upkeep inside the Home. Crescent Cove welcomes church groups, schools, teams, corporations, friend cohorts, families, etc! 

Meal Program

Crescent Cove offers opportunities for individuals or groups to prepare and serve meals at Crescent Cove when there is a need. A more popular option is to make a freezer meal. Freezer meals are made on site and accessed when a warm meal is needed at the Home, or sent home with a family when a family is in need. All food is provided by the donor/volunteer and must be cooked on site, prepared in a certified kitchen, store bought, or catered.

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