A Life Changed in a Moment


This month is the 6th anniversary of when Crescent Cove opened its doors. We went from hosting our very first respite stay that year, to serving more than 380 families today.

Around the time we were opening, there was a family living not far from our Home who had no idea that one day, their son would qualify for Crescent Cove’s services. Jennie and Shane’s second son, Brady, was a typical 12-year-old boy at the time. He was on his school’s basketball team, loved reading, riding his bike, swimming, and spending time with his friends. His mom describes him as funny, loving, caring, silly, and smart. He was the best friend and protector to his older brother, Jakob, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age.

On the morning of Tuesday, February 5, 2019, their family’s lives changed forever.

While Brady’s dad was driving him to school, their car was rear-ended by a drunk driver at an excessive speed. Tragically, Brady bore the brunt of the impact, leaving him unconscious with a broken leg, jaw, and a severe traumatic brain injury. He was immediately transported to North Memorial Hospital, where he spent 3 weeks in the ICU.

Brady underwent an emergency craniotomy, and later, a craniectomy which removed nearly half his skull. He was transferred to Gillette Children’s Hospital for pediatric inpatient rehabilitation where he stayed for nearly 5 months. Throughout the 2 ½ years after the accident, Brady underwent 13 surgical procedures and hours of rehabilitation. 

Sadly, as a result of his traumatic brain injury, Brady experiences seizures, is wheelchair dependent, nonverbal, and has many neurological deficits that make recovery challenging. Due to his medical complexities, his mother became his fulltime caregiver.

“Ever since the accident, we have leaned into gratitude,” says Jennie. Their family moved into a new home that accommodates all of Brady’s medical equipment. Their family has received love and support from their school and church communities, family members, friends, and neighbors. A relative asked if they had ever heard of Crescent Cove, and suggested that they may benefit from a respite stay.

“From the moment we walked in the front door, we could feel the warmth and love of Crescent Cove,” recalls Jennie. “Even though I was nervous about someone else caring for Brady, I knew that he would be in the greatest of hands there.”

Brady and his parents had their first stay at Crescent Cove in 2023, where his parents felt a lifting of the rigors of what had become their daily routine. Brady has had a few respite stays at Crescent Cove since, giving his parents and brother the opportunity to travel once more. “We finally had a break from the appointments and daily cares,” says Jennie. “We felt whole again, rested and restored. We are eternally grateful to every person who makes Crescent Cove a possibility for families like ours. What an amazing gift it has been for our family!”

It is truly our honor and privilege to care for kids like Brady, and support families like his. We do this at no out-of-pocket cost to families, and with the generous support of donors.