Donated Medical Equipment & Supplies

Below are medical equipment and supplies that we are able to accept as donations to Crescent Cove. All medical equipment must be new or gently used; supplies must be unopened, unused, and not expired.


  • Gait belt (adult and pediatric) 
  • Gym mat
  • Nellcor oximeter cable
  • Oxygen concentrator (10 LMP)
  • Pediacraft bed with working remote for elevated head/foot of bed 
  • Portable EZ-Way lift
  • Pulse oximeter machine
  • SleepSafe bed with padded sides and working remote for elevated head/foot of bed 
  • Small adult bath sling (EZ-Way brand)
  • Small child bath sling (EZ-Way brand)
  • White noise machine
  • Z-Flow pillows (unused)


  • Coban
  • Disposable hot and cold packs
  • Distilled water (unopened) 
  • Enteral syringes (all brands and sizes)
  • Nebulizer masks and nebulizer kits
  • Non-latex gloves
  • Oxygen masks
  • Oxygen racks
  • SpO2 oxygen sensor
  • Sterile water bottles
  • Suction toothbrushes
  • Urine cups
  • Wound dressing supplies