A Message of Transition from Katie L


To our amazing Crescent Cove community, 

My heart is filled with gratitude, joy, and some tears that go hand-in-hand as I share with you that I’ve decided to change my role at Crescent Cove. We will be hiring a new executive director in the coming months. I am not leaving Crescent Cove but will transition to a part-time role focusing my passion on advocating for families, connecting with supporters, and building awareness of the need for a national pediatric respite and hospice care model, in addition to having more time with my family. 

I extend immense love and gratitude to you for your role in bringing Crescent Cove to fruition. We have been open serving families for five years, and for nine years prior to that, many of you were involved and dedicated to fundraising and advocacy to make this special home possible. I am humbled reflecting on all that YOU contributed and continue to contribute, and the faith and belief you have had in me as a leader of this precious mission.

We worked towards and imagined a beautiful place that, in reality, is even more amazing than we imagined. If you haven’t seen it yet, please come to visit!

My husband Matt has been integral as a founding board member and our three boys have been raised among the loving Crescent Cove community. As we were preparing to open the doors at Crescent Cove, they often came along to clean and prepare for open houses. They exclaimed, “We can’t wait to play with all the children!" I observed them "playing," but knew we had no other children staying at Crescent Cove. I asked my oldest son, Daniel, who they were playing with and he replied, "All the angel children."

My heart is full as I remember so many moments being reminded of the sacred support from here and beyond that kept us believing this was possible. Still today, I am honored and humbled to be among such beautiful, life-giving smiles from children AND angel children, many of whom are your angel children that you shared with me, and I love them still.

Crescent Cove is in wonderful, trusted hands with devoted and dedicated board members, incredibly compassionate and skilled staff members, treasured volunteers, and generous and heartfelt donors, all of whom came together because of our shared love and respect for the children and families we serve.

It is wonderful timing to welcome a new executive director at Crescent Cove who can lead us through necessary growth to serve more families. My heart is forever intertwined with our mission. With the support of our board and staff,  I intend to help as best I can with advocacy and special projects. We have up to 30 families on the wait list each month and most days are filled to capacity based on the acuity of the children we serve. We have an incredible opportunity ahead with a vision to grow to meet the needs of families in our community awaiting respite and a sacred place for end-of-life care.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Katie Lindenfelser