Music Therapy Week In Minnesota!

March 13 – 19, 2016 #MTweekMN


As a music therapist, I view my role as an allied healthcare provider to support both clients and family members as an ally, a voice, and a form of positive light and encouragement during both the good and hard days. I use music-based interventions (such as music-assisted relaxation, individualized music listening, rhythmic use of instruments or singing) to focus on therapeutic goals within individual or family music therapy sessions. The goals targeted during music therapy range depending on each child’s case – from improving range of motion or furthering development and cognitive skills to increasing comfort and quality of life during end of life care.

Each music therapy session is a different experience, and it is usually the smaller happenings (that we usually take for granted on a daily basis for ourselves) that are the true highlights and biggest accomplishments for these children and families. I have seen a child with limited range of motion use purposeful movements to grasp an egg shaker with all her might during her favorite song. While recovering from a respiratory virus, I have seen a child’s breathing pattern deepen, soften, and elongate during music assisted relaxation exercises. Additionally, many home nurse aides now sing and participate both during and outside of music therapy sessions in order to engage children using music during their daily tasks or procedures. These are some of the moments I truly appreciate while partnering with Crescent Cove.

Many Crescent Cove families are always on the move, make frequent hospital or clinic visits, and often times have extended hospitalizations. I work very hard to ensure continuity of care by communicating with other music therapists in the local hospitals and to reaffirm comfort and a sense of familiarity during some of these difficult and chaotic times.

My aims are to empower and provide a sense of a familiarity and childhood normalcy for each of Crescent Cove’s children, their siblings, and family members while attending to each child’s therapeutic goals through music. It is an absolute honor to work with these families each and every week and such a privilege to partner with Crescent Cove.

Hilary A. Fredenburg, MA, MT-BC
Owner & Board-Certified Music Therapist Alliance Music Therapy

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