Meet Feras

Everyone has their happy place. For Feras, it’s Crescent Cove, a place his mom Heba describes as heaven on earth.

Feras was four months old when doctors diagnosed him with Lowe Syndrome, a rare multisystem disorder that affects the eyes, the central nervous system, and the kidneys. He’s now an energetic and loving 12-year-old who gives the best hugs. A happy kid by nature, his joy reaches a whole new level when he stays at Crescent Cove. “They’re like family, they really care and love him.”

As a single mom raising Feras and his older sister, Heba didn’t think she’d ever get a break. But in 2018, she learned about Crescent Cove, and the family of three spent their first night there together. “It was comfortable, cozy, it felt safe, anything that I would want to feel when I was at home, it was just amazing.” Since that first night, Feras has been back to visit several times, delighting the staff with his energy, snuggles, and radiant smile.

“Feras has a long journey ahead of him. I’ll always need the support. I don’t know what I’d do with my life if we didn’t have Crescent Cove. It’s my child’s second home.”

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